Rosa Cooking

A butcher

The first reaction to this cake was a friend's. She was so thrilled that she threw out "This is the best butcher in the world", and this cake also slaughters the reason how good it is, hence the name. Do not eat if you are on a diet. Great comfort if you quit smoking. It can cause tears! At some point you won’t be able to eat anymore because it’s filling, so you’ll cry because you want more. True story!

Preparation steps

  • You have to decide on the preparation. I know it’s hard, especially if you like to be lazy like me, but without it, unfortunately, you won’t be able to immerse your head in this wonderful chocolate banana wonder. Is? Okay, here's how it's done.
  • Biscuit Separately separate the egg yolks and egg whites. Add a cup of sugar to the yellows and mix until the mixture is fine and smooth. Add a little milk, for the bones, I put half a glass. You also need flour, because what is a cake without flour, so put one cup of it as well. I didn’t put baking powder so the biscuit didn’t swell too much, but if you’re in the cult of the worshiper of the Great Leader of the Powder, add it too. While you are mixing all this, add half a cup of oil, so that later all those calories are placed in the hips. For the end, two tablespoons of cocoa, because a biscuit isn’t good if at least it doesn’t look chocolatey (Plato: State, page 47 and Shakespeare: Hamlet, page 96; it says there, I’m not lying). Now that you've mixed it all up, you need to add snow. Wash the attachments from the mixer, because cleanliness is half the health, and beat that egg white. Beat him hard. You can also swear at him. What does he imagine so fluid. He can't babble, shout, and turn the mixer to turbo speed to teach him a lesson. Well, now that he is now beautiful, soft and white, admire him for a moment because he deserved to be miserable, and then just throw him into the above-mentioned mixture of egg yolks and gently stir everything together. The mixture should now be ready for heat treatment. Since you’re conscientious chefs, you’ve already turned on the oven to 150 for sure, so just put that biscuit to fry a little. A little, about 20 - 30 min. I’ve used a cake mold because I’m a snob, you can put it in anything, but count that quantitatively for a 22cm mold (if centimeters mean anything to you in life, I personally never understand them in recipes and I don’t know who that is cooks with the meter next to it). The biscuit will swell a little like this and be very soft and timid to the touch, but that's how it should be, let him be afraid, you showed him well when you beat him with snow.
  • Everything else Take two bananas, cut them into slices and arrange them on the biscuit. There is not much intelligence here, here, as in the pictures. You’ll notice that the bisvit twisted a bit under those bananas. Well, that's right, bananas are the main thing now.
  • Cook the vanilla pudding as it says on the bag. If you’ve bought some vanilla pudding that doesn’t stand preparation, throw it in the trash and buy something decent. You should never skimp on pudding because pudding was sent to earth to guard and nurture our hearts (Luke 7: 8-85,28) As soon as it is cooked, pour it over the bananas on the biscuit. It depends on the density, but you’ll probably have to “flatten” it a bit to cover all the bananas, because bananas have just lost their lead and pudding has become the most important thing in this amazing cake.
  • You should also prepare some glaze. Please don’t just prepare by stuffing a billion pounds of margarine and another billion pounds of sugar and then a little chocolate, because that’s yummy. Buy yourself one small tetrapack of whipped cream (actually, buy a big one, and buy a few because you always have to have it at home because it works wonders. Miracles, people, miracles!) And put it to heat over a low heat. Break ten blankets of cooking chocolate into it and with constant stirring come up with the most beautiful chocolate mixture you will ever see in your life. It is extremely important to stir and reduce the heat because the worst fate that can befall you is the one in which burnt chocolate comes to your palate. But for consolation, it doesn’t take long to cook so that’s ok, you’ll last those few minutes. Don’t immediately pour the chocolate over the rest of the cake. Let it cool a bit, so that it thickens a bit. I let it go for about ten minutes, so you do the same because I'm writing the recipe, so you have to listen to me.
  • Now that you’ve poured the chocolate over the cake, sit back and cry because you can’t eat it yet. The butcher needs time and you can’t eat it hot because it’s blasphemous. Let it cool outside first, then push it into the fridge.


I put in the description that this is a preparation for two people, although it is too much because you will want to hug this cake and cuddle it and whisper the most beautiful words to it and you will not want anyone else to approach it.