Rosa Cooking

A bunch of colorful or lamb stew. .

My mother, a Macedonian girl, visited me and brought diced lamb. .there was nothing to say. .my grandmother's spirit dawned in my little kitchen. .

Preparation steps

  • Cut the lamb into cubes and add salt. .Chop three onions into large rings and simmer together with a large carrot in 3 tablespoons of oil. .add one green and one red horn pepper cut into strips. ..
  • Add red sweet peppers. .mix and add the hot pepper. .of course we have to pay attention to the amount of anger because Macedonians can eat very hot and not feel it. .add lamb. .pick up. .we put in the garlic that we just cleaned but should stay in one piece. .
  • Cut the large tomato into quarters and add the already softened vegetables. .let stand for about 15 minutes and then add about a liter of foundation. .red pinch of red hot pepper and a dcl of wine you have. .let it boil. .add laurel and cover. .
  • I have already written that Macedonians mostly thicken dishes with a bunch of vegetables and onions and very rarely with flour. .in this case I used my gluten-free bread which I ground into crumbs and tossed. ..
  • After about 45 minutes of cooking over low heat, uncover and try to see if anything is missing. .add more tomato juice and after it boils for ten minutes, turn it off. .



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