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A bumpy cake

A little sweet, creamy, chocolate, but simply irresistible… ... And it doesn't bake !!

A bumpy cake

Preparation steps

  • Knead the ground plasma, hazelnuts, margarine and cream with the addition of milk to get a slightly softer mixture.
  • We prepare a cake mold smaller (mine is 18 cm) and spread a third of the mixture on the bottom of the mold, to make a thin crust. From the rest of the mixture we make small balls, they do not have to be the same size or perfect shape.
  • For creams: heat 100ml of cream but not to boil, then pour over 100gr of milk chocolate and mix to melt. Do the same with dark chocolate and 100ml of cream. Whip the other 100ml of cream with slag-fix and vanilla sugar.
  • When the creams have cooled well, whisk with a mixer into a solid foam, but BEWARE, you don't need to stir too much, everything can turn into butter, ie crumbs, very quickly.
  • Arrange on the biscuit crust alternately on a spoonful of all three creams and arrange half of the balls from above, put the cream back a little flatten and dip to half the other balls. Pour over the chocolate glaze. Prepare another picture


cake choxa dulcedeleche nutella salty unbaked

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