Rosa Cooking

A blend of vanilla, coconut, rum and chocolate

Something that is not baked, the sweetness is dark, the cake is big, the height is 8 cm, you could add some raspberries, I took 1.5 kg of biscuits, it is left for snacking

Preparation steps

  • Cook the vanilla pudding and add the coconut, set aside to cool. When the pudding has cooled whisk the butter. Divide the filling into two parts.
  • Cook the chocolate pudding, remove from the stove and add the chocolate, stir to melt, pour the rum to taste. Allow to cool, when cool whisk with butter. Divide the filling into two parts.
  • Take a petit biscuit and dip it in milk and arrange it on a tray, there are 18 biscuits in one level, coat it with vanilla filling, then dip the biscuit in milk again, put chocolate filling on it, so everything again. Finally, whisk the icing with cold acidic water and cover the cake. If you want a thicker icing, then add another 100g of icing.