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A blanket that is not sown

This is very popular in the USA, I made it a long time ago, I have several of them at home. In the USA you have to buy beautiful material for fleece blankets, all kinds of designs and colors. I like to make one side one color, the other colorful, because when the bruises are made, they turn out beautiful, colorful, very interesting. All it takes is sharp scissors, patience and half an hour of time…

Preparation steps

  • Place the colored material on the bottom, over it a solid color material. Tear off both into strips, about 2-3 cm wide, about 12 cm long, and cut a cube of size 12 × 12 into the corner, I can also cut smaller strips. So tear each side into strips, do not move. take a single-colored and colored ribbon, which are on top of each other and tie in a knot, then again in a knot. And so along the entire length and width. Finally, if the bruises are uneven, tear them off a bit with scissors…
  • Procedure
  • knots


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