Rosa Cooking

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It's a great jelly

Preparation steps

  • Bake the biscuit and cut. soak in rum or fruit juice
  • Cream: half a liter of sweet cream. add powdered sugar mixed with margarine to the cooked pudding. stack: BISCUIT CREAM PETIT BISCUITS CREAM BISCUITS CHOCOLATE FOR COOKING.



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Ice pudding cake

Pudding used to be a favorite stand-alone dessert, and today it is part of the cream, as in this cake, which, thanks to various products, we can really prepare quickly and easily.

Karlsbader wafer cake

Karlsbader wafer cake

Waffles are always welcome in the preparation of cakes and pastries. In addition to good taste, they are characterized by simplicity and speed of preparation. Form the wafers with the help of a round mold, spread with cream and sprinkle with hazelnuts. The recipe was tried and adapted according to the original recipe from the book Es hat Ihm sehr geschmeckt - Aus der Küche und dem Leben der Katharina Schratt by Basche Batorska.

Picnic cake

The secret of a good picnic is, in addition to good company, to eat something nice, so we suggest you prepare a picnic cake. Coat it with fine creamy mascarpone cheese and amaze the company with a new recipe of a modern housewife.

Pizza with fruit

The dough is classic, for pizza, and the filling is quite a surprise! Scatter the sweet cubes of four kinds of fruit on the jam and take a bite - and, without prejudice, please! If you invite guests, Pizza Dolce will prove to be the main topic of conversation.

Pumpkin cake

This fragrantly sweet pumpkin-nut cake is an ideal occasion for a small family gathering in honor of autumn and its rich fruits.

Quick cake with raspberries

Very ripe raspberries contain a high concentration of sugar. Since meringue peels themselves are quite sweet, it is better to use freshly picked, not overripe fruits for this dessert.

Shoemaker's gibanica

Just as fried potatoes are called bakery, trout are milled, this gibanica is named after an anonymous craftsman or even an entire shoemaker's guild. But even more interesting is the combination of dough with dough, where noodles are used in the filling.


Urama is a type of cake fried in a mixture of fat and oil that is traditionally prepared in Uzbekistan. It is not demanding in terms of ingredients, nor in preparation. Be sure to give it a try!