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my 100th recipe from the book "My best cakes" -Gospodarski list, a recipe that is often prepared for family gatherings and celebrations because it delights with the look, quantity and taste of chocolate, which is probably why the cake got its name (I did not give it a name, just I baked it and rewrote the recipe). Son, happy 14th birthday to you!

Preparation steps

  • BISCUITS: Separate the egg whites from the yolks and separate the yolks to prepare the fillet. Make snow from the egg whites and add sugar, oil, flour and baking powder. Bake the biscuit in a greased and floured mold measuring 27x35 cm.
  • CREAM: Cook the egg yolks and flour in the milk. Add the prepared margarine and powdered sugar to the lukewarm. Place half of the cream on the cooled biscuit and arrange the first row of petit biscuits dipped in the brewed coffee.
  • Put the second part of the cream and the second row of petit biscuits on the petit biscuits, which you can also dip in coffee, and you don't have to. Place the chocolate glaze on the biscuit.


Cut the cake when the icing is tightened to the size of a petit biscuit and each into 3 parts or as desired.