Rosa Cooking

A bird of the soul

I couldn’t resist this wonderful text so I share it with you!

Preparation steps

  • Somewhere deep, in our body, lives the soul. No one has ever seen her, but we all know she is there. We know not only that she is there, but we also know what is in her. In the soul, right in the middle of it, is a bird standing on one leg. It is a bird of the soul. She feels everything we feel. When someone hurts our feelings, the bird of the soul rushes around in pain. When someone loves us, she snorts and jumps up and down, back and forth. When someone calls us by name, she listens intently to hear what that call is. When someone is angry at us, she curls up and is silent and is sad. And when someone hugs us, the bird of the soul, somewhere deep inside us grows and grows until it almost fills us. She is so nice when someone hugs us. Somewhere deep inside us lives a soul. No one has ever seen her, but we all know she is there. Never, never has someone been born who has no soul. It sparkles when we are born and never leaves us for a moment - as long as we are alive. It is like the air that people breathe from the moment they are born until they die. Want to know what a soul bird is made of? It's really very simple: it consists of drawers. These drawers are not easy to open - because each is locked with its own special key! Only the bird of the soul can open those drawers. How? Ah, and it’s very simple: with your other foot. the bird of the soul stands on one leg, and uses the other leg (tucked under the wing when resting) to unlock the drawer it wants to open, pull the handle, and release everything in it! Since there is a drawer for each of our feelings, the bird of the soul has many drawers: one for happiness and one for sorrow, one for envy and another for pleasure, one for hope and another for hopelessness, one for patience and another for restlessness. There is also a drawer for hate and a drawer for love. There is even a drawer for laziness and a drawer for vanity. And there's a drawer for our deepest secrets - it almost never opens. There are other drawers — as many as you want. Sometimes you can tell a bird which key to turn and which drawer to open. Sometimes the bird chooses it for you. For example, you want to be silent and order the bird of the soul to open the drawer of silence, but the bird itself makes the decision and opens the drawer for speech, and you speak and speak, even against your will. You want to listen carefully, but the bird of the soul opens the restless drawer and you become restless. Sometimes you become, and unwillingly, envious. And sometimes you get annoyed, just when you just want to help! The bird of the soul does not always do what it is told, so it makes a mess. By now you have realized that everyone is different because they have a different bird of the soul deep inside. A bird that opens a drawer for happiness every day, showers happiness on your body and you will be happy. But if a bird opens a drawer for anger, you will be angry until the bird closes that drawer. A bad-tempered bird will open those drawers that make you in a bad mood. A good-natured bird will open those drawers that make you in a good mood. It is very important to listen to the bird of the soul because it sometimes calls out to us and we do not hear it. That’s not nice — she wants to tell us something about us! She wants to tell us something about the feelings locked in her drawers. Some of us hear it all the time. Some almost never. And some of us only hear it once in our lives. That is why it is very good - maybe late at night when there is silence everywhere - to listen to the bird of the soul somewhere deep inside us! Michal Snunit