Rosa Cooking

81 snow globe

Only 4 ingredients and you have wonderful crispy balls!

Preparation steps

  • Put the butter (or whatever you are already using) at room temperature in a larger bowl, add the aroma and whisk a little with a wooden spoon to get a soft cream. You don't need a mixer. Add the flour and shape into a dough. Separate the small pieces and shape them into balls, if you weigh them (9 g) you will get 81 balls. Bake briefly in a preheated oven at 170 ° C for about 12-15 minutes. they must remain bright at the top. When they are baked, leave them for the first 5 minutes to cool, then roll them in powdered sugar.
  • Use the aroma as desired, I rubbed the peel of one orange. I used butter and mine are finely crispy, melt in your mouth! You can also use margarine or half butter-half margarine Sugar does not go into the dough.