Rosa Cooking

8 egg cake

has a modest name, but definitely one of my favorite biscuits. The advantage of this biscuit is that you can vary the fillings and get a hearty cake.

Preparation steps

  • Whisk 8 eggs, then add 1 cup of sugar and continue to stir until the mass doubles in volume and "whitens". Then add sifted flour with baking powder and finally hazelnuts. Stir with a wire or mixer in first gear. Pour the mixture into a baking paper lined tray with a diameter of 30 cm. Bake for about 40 minutes at 175 degrees. When the baked dough has cooled, cut it twice and fill it with the filling as desired. You can use whipped vanilla and chocolate cream, or cooked puddings ... this cream cheese filling is also suitable (500 gr. Cream cheese, 100 gr. Sugar, 100 gr. Strawberry chocolate, 300 gr. Chopped strawberries and 250 ml whipped sweet sour cream). Imagination can do anything, so you can choose your favorite combination. This time I filled with this filling: Mix milk and sweet sour cream with 8 tablespoons of sugar and boil. Add whipped pudding powder and cook on low heat for one to two minutes until it thickens. Cool a bit, then fill the crusts and arrange the tropical fruits and jelly candies over the cream. Leave for 4 hours in the refrigerator to harden. Whisk 4 whipped cream with acidic water according to the instructions. Decorate the cake as desired, sprinkle with beads and sprinkle with silver powder.