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7-up bundt cake

While researching various recipes from the internet, I caught the eye of this American kuglof or you for their bundt cake. It is made with 7-up juice, it is a carbonated lemon and lime juice.

Preparation steps

  • Sift flour with baking powder and add salt. Set aside until you need it.
  • Mix room temperature butter with sugar for about 5 minutes until flafasto;) ie until both ingredients are finely combined, then add one egg at a time, mix well between each addition of egg, add vanilla and lemon extracts and lemon and lime zest, stir to combine all the ingredients. Then add one part of flour to the mixture, mix well, and then add the other half of the flour. Finally, when you have mixed all the flour, add sweet cream and 7-up juice. All together then combine with a silicone spatula. at 170 degrees for 50-60 mins depending on your oven.
  • Allow the cake to cool in the mold and pour the icing over the cooled cake. Make the icing by mixing powdered sugar with the juice into a thick mixture and pouring over the cake.


There are a lot of different versions of this cake, I made it with some small changes, I reduced the sugar because it seemed like a lot too much sugar according to their recipes, added something, took away some ingredient and came up with this version that suits my taste.



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Due to the irresistible shape that it owes to the special mold, very simple preparation and specific taste, kuglof occupies a special place in gastronomy. Instead of the classic kuglof, prepare chocolate and additionally decorate it with chocolate glaze.

Kuglof made of leavened dough

Kuglof made of leavened dough

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Panettone is a traditional cake originally from Italy. It has a domed appearance, and its interior is spongy, yellowish and soft. In addition to raisins and candied fruit, pieces of chocolate or various creams can be added to the dough.