Rosa Cooking


Bartol and Emily celebrated their 5th birthday with 2 cakes, cheerfully.

Preparation steps

  • Cut the panetone into thin slices and place in a domed bowl lined with cling film. Sprinkle with orange juice and coat with jam as desired. Cook the pudding with sugar and add the whipped sweet cream when cooled, stirring lightly to leave traces of cream in the pudding. Pour part of the cream and add chopped clementines, bananas and fresh pineapple. Put the cream over the fruit again, repeat the fruit and finish with the cream. Cover the cream with panettone feta. Sprinkle with orange juice and cover with foil. Put a suitable plate on top to press the mass and leave in the fridge to cool everything well and combine. Turn the cooled cake over and cover the whole with melted chocolate and decorate as desired.
  • My little celebrants shared a cake in kindergarten with their friends.