Rosa Cooking

501 - curry beef

Again for those who do not starve on TV or do not live in Croatia, and it seemed to me that it could be very nice, and I will definitely try, try it too ...... Very similar to the finished dish, like this in my picture , but here is a carrot, and there are pieces of tomato.

Preparation steps

  • Fry onion and squeezed garlic in hot oil, heat and pepper, and when the onion relaxes a bit, add diced tomatoes, also diced peppers, thyme, cinnamon, sugar, red pepper, curry, apple cider vinegar and chopped rye. , sauté everything a little and then add the diced meat, simmer for another ten minutes, then add milk and water, add salt and pepper, and let everything cook gently until the meat is soft, clear with occasional stirring.


In the original, it is served with cooked rice, and I think gnocchi, bread dumplings or polenta would fit there. salad of choice. It must have a wealth of flavor and then good taste!