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500tka - Dandelion and orange syrup

here, 500 recipes are coming ... this syrup is very healthy and tasty .. with us it goes in a fruit salad, yogurt, pancake ... or in a glass with water and a slice of lemon ... the preparation was demanding, but the result is phenomenal :)

500tka - Dandelion and orange syrup

Preparation steps

  • I cooked a larger amount of syrup .. it needs 500gr of flowers .. so then I walked around the meadow and looked for flowers
  • yellow flower petals are used .. so then prepare everything nicely ... (I put 2 l and 2 dl of water in the pot immediately)
  • orange and lemon cut into slices .. (I used 1 large orange and 1 smaller lemon) ...
  • cook over very low heat for about an hour
  • then drain .. add 2kg of sugar .. (during cooking this 2dl of liquid evaporates ...) .. goes 1l of liquid - 1l of sugar .. cook on low heat for about 45 minutes .. the mixture becomes slightly thick .. like warm honey. .
  • cool ... put in jars ... I gave this syrup to my mom and neighbors .. :) From this amount I got: 2x 500ml jar, 2x250 ml jar ... and one dose (picture)


Good apetite! :)


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