Rosa Cooking

5 kg cake my way :)

Great, for bigger celebrations, but if you like it like my family, then it will disappear in one day :) For all those who love chocolate, but with a refreshing and beautiful combination of flavors.

Preparation steps

  • Put 700 ml of milk on the stove to cook, add 4 puddings that we previously made with 300 ml of milk to the boiling milk. Slowly add the pudding to the milk, stirring constantly. Cool the pudding well.
  • When the pudding has cooled, whisk two margarines with 300 g of sugar and slowly assemble the pudding and margarine. Mix well. Then put all the other ingredients (ground biscuits, walnuts, raisins, jelly, coconut flour) and mix well to obtain a uniform mass.
  • Then take the sherpa (see which sizes depending on what size cake you want) and divide the filling into three parts. Before the pan, cover with aluminum foil and line the bottom with the first part of the filling. Pour lemon juice over it along the felt banana. Over the bananas, the second part of the filling, then the bananas again and finish with the filling


It would be desirable for the cake to stand overnight in the refrigerator and then take it out of the pan onto the cake stand, but sometimes when I have less time I put the cake in the freezer for 2-3 hours. After it is shaken on the stand, pour melted chocolate for milk and a little oil over it, sprinkle with melted Eurocream and decorate with pieces of jelly. Enjoy!