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5 kg cake

Delicious and simple, and my family delighted :))

5 kg cake

Preparation steps

  • Boil 1l of milk, flour and sugar until thick. 1 margarine, powdered sugar make well and add to cold filling. Divide the filling into 3 parts. 1 part of filling-200g of walnuts + 300g of filling 2 parts of filling-100g of chocolate + 400g of filling 3 part of filling remains white Put 25 pieces of biscuits (1 row) on a tray and dip them in milk. Put white filling on it, halve 7 bananas and arrange them on the filling, walnut filling on bananas, then biscuits, arrange 7 halved bananas on the biscuit again, brown filling goes on them. Sweet cream on top.



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A summer treat

A summer treat

The summer treat is the younger sister of the biscuit cake, and it is adorned with walnuts, apples, bananas and pudding. For all those who are reluctant to prepare biscuits, petit beurre biscuits do not fail, and the classic homemade cream will be a great replacement for pudding.

English Christmas pudding

Full of almonds and fruit, this pudding will be offered with a glass of sherry, and in some places with a slice of stilton. Until the 15th century, it also included boiled beef, which was replaced by cheaper dried fruit, eggs, and bread crumbs.

Grapefruit kuglof

In addition to giving a special tasty note to the kuglof, grapefruit preserves the freshness of this cake. It's not like pushing a poppy on a string, but if the black dots of poppy end on the shiny white glaze of kuglof, you will be convinced that this final touch made this cake special, recognizable by its unique shape.

Ice wind cake

Embark on an icy adventure and enjoy!

Lino lada rolada

This unexpected combination of two colorful spreads will delight your loved ones, both large and small. At first glance you may think it’s all made of chocolate, but the real surprise just follows in the middle.


Pink minions will color your day pink and you will enjoy the taste and aftertaste of rum, walnuts and fine Lino lade.

Parfait cake with rice

Here is an interesting cake. There’s parfait in it, and it’s not a classic parfait cake. It has rice and orange flavor, and is, quite appropriately, decorated with orange slices. It will make you happy - you will prepare it quite simply and quickly.



Tufahije is a favorite recipe of Bosnian cuisine, with typical ingredients and taste. If you do not want to miss the pleasure in them, and for you they are an energy bomb, reduce the amount of sugar and nuts.