Rosa Cooking

5 kg cake

... this is one of my favorite cakes ... I hope you like it too ...

Preparation steps

  • Cream: Boil the thickener, flour and powdered sugar in the milk, when it cools add margarine and divide the cream into three parts.
  • In the 1st part of the cream add ground walnuts or hazelnuts, in the 2nd part vanilla sugar, and in the 3rd part melted chocolate.
  • Bananas should be cut in half lengthwise and coated with lemon juice, and biscuits should be soaked in milk before stacking.
  • When everything is ready, you can start stacking the cake.
  • The order of stacking the cake: biscuits, cream, bananas and so all three times in total and finally put the fourth layer of biscuits.
  • Coat the cake with whipped cream and place in the fridge to cool.