Rosa Cooking

5 grain cereal

Cereals, beef and long cooking give a very tasty stew that even children love (although they have no idea what’s inside). Most of the preparation of this dish is cooking on low heat with stirring every 15-20 minutes. The beginning of the preparation is somewhat demanding due to the amount of chopping and the size of these pieces.

Preparation steps

  • Cut the meat, carrots, celery and cauliflower into small pieces. If you are preparing this dish for smaller children, cut it into as small pieces as possible, especially vegetables.
  • Fry the flour in oil until light brown. Add the beef, cereals and simmer for a few minutes (with plenty of water added to the flour). Add finely chopped bacon if you are not making this dish for children.
  • When the meat changes color, add the vegetables (carrots, celery and cauliflower), the remaining water, the liquid crab and add all the spices except the parsley and basil which are put towards the end. If you are not making this dish for children, add 2 finely chopped pepperoni or 2-3 small pepperoni. Let it cook over low heat, stirring occasionally (about 100 minutes, until the beef is completely soft).
  • Add parsley and basil. Do not overdo it with basil, which is quite aromatic, as it could greatly change the taste of the dish and repel children. Cook for another 20-30 minutes.