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4U salad

Here's how to overcome the summer heat, salads. The simplest, yet refreshing.

4U salad

Preparation steps

  • Arrange the ingredients on the plate in 3 parts - tomato - paprika - cheese Put the olives on top
  • In a shaker, mix the pumpkin oil, soy sauce, salt and pepper, stir and pour over the salad.


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After recreational thrills in the snow, board a vegetable stew, and rush off into a cheerful conversation! As you prepare it, the mixed vegetables will enthusiastically “scream” in the hot oil, just like skiers when the first snow falls!

Cous-cous with walnuts

The grainy structure of this light salad made of cooked cous-cous perfectly accepts chopped walnuts, which complete the taste with their sweetness and mild bitterness. The added vegetables and mint make it extremely refreshing.

Double marinated octopus on the grill

Double marinated octopus on the grill

Try something completely new! The octopus, as the title suggests, is "bathed" in two marinades. After the first one, throw it on the grill, and then pour it over the second one, where it will wait while you prepare the side dish.

Grilled blue fish

Who says only fish from the sea can grill? You don't even have to marinate it, but coat it with the sauce only after grilling. Side dishes with blue fish should be seafood: boiled potatoes and chard. It is desirable that this swim in wine for the third time!

Holiday salad with beetroot, pear and cottage cheese

The holidays are upon us again and as you search and plan the dishes you will prepare for your loved ones, start the period of rewarding yourself with the flavors of beetroot salad with pears and cheese.

Mixed salad with fresh cheese and flax topping

This is not a mixed salad as you are used to and is a real refreshment of the standard menu. Flaxseed oil plays a guest role, and celery, chicory, arugula and cabbage contribute to the richness of taste. Compatible - incompatible, check now.

Spring rolls

Spring rolls, a popular Chinese dish that symbolizes well-being and is a must on the Chinese New Year's menu, can be prepared the day before, and after only a few minutes of frying, served crispy and still hot.

Watermelon salad with hazelnuts

Fruit salad? Sounds challenging. You can serve this unusual combination of fruits and vegetables as a refreshing addition after an extravagant meal or a small meal for hot summer days.