Rosa Cooking

4 minutes candy

The cookie is ready in 4 minutes.

Preparation steps

  • flour, baking powder and cocoa mix. Add all other ingredients and mix into a smooth mass. Place in a microwave-safe container. At 600W "bake" 4 minutes in the microwave.


micro microwave microwave oven

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A quick dessert with pears

A quick dessert with pears

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Pears with green spread

Pears with green spread

You can also prepare these cakes in advance. If you have excess breadcrumbs, you can freeze them and bake them in a regular or microwave oven.

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Vegetable rhapsody

Vegetable rhapsody

In just 10 minutes of microwave cooking, a super healthy lunch for two comes out of the magic box. And as you balance with the plates in your hand with the dancing step, the vitamin-laden vegetable composition ignites your dancing talent to the maximum!