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3kg banana cake

A cake that has been made in our family for years and has never failed…. Although it is harder to make, it is worth the effort!

3kg banana cake

Preparation steps

  • Whisk the biscuit ingredients in order as written and bake in a large baking sheet the size of an oven.
  • While still warm, take it out so that you can bend the two corners upwards by placing the cloths.
  • Make the cream by first mixing the pudding with 1 tablespoon of flour in 2.5 dcl of milk, while you put 1 liter to boil (with sugar) and cook the pudding in it.
  • In the warm add margarine.
  • When the cream has cooled, spread a little (say 1/5) of the cream on the biscuit and bananas are poured over it, which you pour over the lemon juice.
  • Arrange three rows of bananas on the cream-coated biscuit and top with the cream again.
  • Go for 2 rows of bananas, cream, 1 row of bananas and spread everything with the rest of the cream. It fits at the top, like a pyramid.
  • Then close the cake by lifting the biscuit to make it look like this.
  • Melt the chocolate for the glaze, I usually put 1 dcl of oil per 100 g and it will be beautiful, but less here because it needs to be thicker chocolate so that it can be spread on the biscuit.
  • Mix the whipped cream.
  • Put whipped cream on the ends, on top of the cream.


I made this cake for my little godson for baptism… .. I remembered that some people call this cake a bow cake and some other users posted it on the culka, such as brzigonzales. Oh yes! I forgot to say - let the bananas be as long, flat and a little green as possible. Etogac! Tried kuglof


cake pyramid

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