Rosa Cooking

3D cakes - shaping using a mixture for balls

Making instructions. Suitable method for shapes that are not too complicated.

Preparation steps

  • Bake and fill the biscuit, form the basic shape with the ball mixture. For a castle, for example, the biscuit is baked in a square mold and then topped with a mixture of balls into the base of the castle. The castle buildings are shaped from a mixture of balls, dimensions according to the drawing plan for the paper castle (the model was Neuschweinstein, it would have turned out better if it had been bigger, I couldn't have all the details on the little cake). Coat each building separately and fasten them to each other with toothpicks. Add royal icing and sugar as snow. Cover the base with fondant trees (I used a mold, you can shape the trees using scissors if you don’t have a mold). Other shapes can be made in a similar way, such as windmills, ships and the like.