Rosa Cooking

3 rice

I bought a mixture of 3 rice and used it to eat on a spoon with vegetables.

3 rice

Preparation steps

  • Saute leeks, carrots, a piece of celery and celery stalks, parsnips in oil. Wash the dried meat and add it to the stewed vegetables with a little water and boil a little. Add 3 rice and buckwheat, parsley leaf, salt, red pepper and pepper and pour over everything. water and cook.



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Baked rice

The secret of rice preparation is in achieving the optimal hardness of rice grains, ie the feeling of grains in the mouth. The rice must remain juicy, and the starchy composition of the rice also contributes to the completeness of the taste. Baked rice will surprise you.

Cous-cous variegation

“Sharing sensual food with the person you love,” is the definition of pleasure of Aine McAteer, a famous macrobiotic cookbook. She classified this recipe as "food for love", so we suggest that you brighten someone's day with carefully prepared cous-cous.

Millet porridge with croissants

Buckwheat or buckwheat porridges, barley or barley, millet, bera (a type of millet), corn as a stand-alone dish, were eaten on roasted onions, with bacon, mushrooms, and millet was also cooked on milk. Porridges are an important addition to other dishes: soups, beans (rice, barley porridge), poultry fillings, fillings for lean štruklji (kašnjake), and they are also an ingredient in white and black blood sausages.

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Allow yourself a break from the classic biscuit and replace it with a base of hazelnuts and rice. Add to that pudding cream nougat and whipped cream as a decorative detail - and you get a great, innovative dessert!

Rice on milk

Rice on milk

If you too would like to join your child in a contented squeeze, and plain rice in milk is too mild for your taste, season it with cinnamon, lemon zest and, the part you intended for yourself, instant coffee.

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From the lake Lago di Garda "Vegetina", the gastronomic team found inspiration in the risotto. In addition to the very famous Milanese, risottos with seafood and vegetables such as this simple, light summer dish are especially popular.

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You can serve black and white rice on festive occasions that require a tuxedo, i.e. a tailcoat! One such is the Oscars. Roasted beef steaks will appear as the perfect accompaniment to aromatic rice.