Rosa Cooking

3 in 1 and not nes coffee

Or how Pavlova arrived in New Belgrade via Capri and Havana. I liked the filling from Havana, but not the base. I liked the peels and fruits from Pavlova. I liked the vanilla cream from Capri. whether the cake was gone in one day. Whether it was so delicious or they didn't want to offend me doesn't matter.

Preparation steps

  • Cut three circles with a diameter of 26 cm of baking paper and turn on the oven to 140 with a fan. Whisk solid egg whites. Gradually add sugar, vanilla and vinegar. Arrange the mass on paper circles, it may not be the most correct circles, it doesn't matter, a little artistic freedom doesn't matter. Bake for an hour at 140, then another 20 minutes at 90 C and leave to cool in the oven.
  • Put milk for the first filling to cook. Whisk the egg yolks with the sugar to whiten, add the bourbon vanilla and thickener. Before the milk starts to boil, mix a few tablespoons with the egg yolks and sugar, stir and return to the remaining milk on the hob and cook until the cream thickens. Set aside to cool and stir occasionally to catch the crust.
  • Put milk for the second filling with sugar to heat until the sugar dissolves. Whip the sweet sour cream and mix it with the cooled milk. Stir in the ground wafers. Soak the gelatin in water for a few minutes, drain and heat for 1 minute at 100C in the microwave. Mix with the rest of the mass and put in the fridge for a couple of hours.
  • Carefully separate the crusts from the paper and place them on a larger plate. Coat the first crust with vanilla cream and arrange a third of the raspberries. Carefully put the second crust without pressing, coat it with wafer cream, arrange raspberries on top. Put the third crust, coat it with whipped cream, decorate with raspberries.


I made the cake the day before so that the raspberries released the juice no matter how much I kept them draining. The crusts were wonderfully soft, airy. If I had served it the same day, the crusts might have been crunchy, but next time. The first time I worked without crust, so the cake for "artistic impression" would not get high marks, but the taste is great.


ice cream

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