Rosa Cooking

3 days of cleaning

I read it somewhere, it seems ok to me, so let me share if anyone is interested ...

Preparation steps

  • until lunch: omelette of three eggs lunch: fried fish eg salmon bowl of berries dinner: boiled oatmeal with milk snack: nuts .. and so on for three days with a higher fluid intake and only water or unsweetened fruit



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Avocado spread

Avocado spread

The charm of small meals is not only in the simplicity of preparation, but also in the imaginative way of serving. Serve the spicy spread in hollowed out avocado shells, with thinly sliced ​​bread slices and mini tomatoes.

Chickpea and buckwheat porridge salad

Chickpeas and buckwheat porridge are old foods that conquer us again, usually in company and with old spices that we also, like dill, rediscover.

Eggplant, bean and cheese soup

From the rich treasury of original recipes of our readers comes a suggestion for a thick soup. If you can resist hot bean and eggplant soup in the company of cheese after returning from work, we will believe that you live from the air…

Lošinj biscuits with olive oil

Lošinj biscuits with olive oil

When someone lives on a sun-drenched island, rich in olive trees, it is not at all unusual that they experience olive oil as inspiration for cakes as well. Other foods will make cookies, albeit simple, a real delicacy.

Minestrone soup

Minestrone is the Italian name for a thick soup of several types of vegetables with cooked pasta or rice. As a more generous and nutritious variant, we suggest adding crispy cubes of roasted pancetta or prosciutto.

Pea and flake fritters

Pea and flake fritters

Vegetable fritters have long played an important role in the vegetarian diet. The combinations of ingredients are really endless, and we suggest a novelty in the form of pea fritters and oatmeal and barley flakes.

Stew spring mix

Stew spring mix

Carrots, peas, celery, red peppers and cauliflower are the ingredients of the frozen Spring Mix mixture with which you will easily prepare a fine stew. With the addition of bacon and macaroni, you will find it hard to resist.

Stuffed zucchini with ham

Real gourmet experiences can come out of the microwave! Therefore, we recommend zucchini stuffed with ham, mozzarella and mushrooms. They will get a special fullness with Fant for chopped steaks!