Rosa Cooking

2/3 ilitiga two of three

these two types originated in a trio but for especially-friendly reasons 1/3 goes as a special recipe

Preparation steps

  • vanilla + raisin muffins
  • mix the ingredients for the basic dough with a whisk, and add more poor vanilla sugar, grated lemon zest and raisins soaked in rum (or raisins and a cork of rum). amount of raisins as desired - about 100 g !!
  • juicy choco muffins
  • mix with a whisk bla .bla bla same as first just add orange juice and cocoa to get a chocolate mixture.
  • Arrange the dough in baskets, but in the case of chocolate, put half of the dough with two chocolate cubes (100 g chocolate) and the rest of the dough. i fill my baskets to the top to make the muffins grow nicely! bake at 180 ° C in a preheated oven for about 20 minutes !!
  • this is why i make mixed muffins…. because he wants these with a message .... and she wants these with a message .... long live muffinmania !!!!! : D


... and again I chemically… ..... anči said -my mom I want them to always be so juicy inside-melted coke;)))))))))))))))))))) )))))))))))))))))))))))


club mafiiini mljacfini superchemical

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