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2 in 1 -tulumbe and princesses

Here is the name for the cake based on the idea of ​​Ljiljana-Ljilja, since I made parties, I decided to make a princess-donut casserole ... Here is Ljiljana's recipe and who is to blame for this and who else but my Ljiljana-Ljilja .....

Preparation steps

  • First, cook the sugar and water sherbet, when it boils, add lemon juice. For the dough, add water and oil to boil, then steam, ie add the flour, stirring constantly. Remove from the heat and cool a bit, add one egg at a time, stirring constantly. is it..the dough is ready.Take a syringe, fill it with dough and squeeze the parties into hot oil. Bake them in a lot of fat, they turn themselves over, bake until golden yellow. a suitable dish.When they are baked, pour the rest of the sherbet over them.
  • Since there really is a lot of dough, I baked one part of the princess pan.



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