Rosa Cooking

2 in 1

If you have cooked beef soup, you will need 10-15 minutes for this fine dish.

Preparation steps

  • Cook the beef soup the way you usually do. Strain the soup, cook the pasta, return the greens and carrots to the soup.
  • Cut the beef from the soup into larger cubes. Cut red onion (onion) into larger leaves, mushrooms into quarters.
  • Add onion and champignons to a little olive oil and sauté briefly, so that the onion becomes glassy and the champignons lose their liquid.
  • Add diced beef.
  • Add a little tomato juice or a little peeled tomato, a little lyutenica or hot chili peppers, and if you don't like hot, leave this out.
  • Add other spices: a teaspoon of natur, chopped parsley, pepper, garlic (garlic), hot peppers, salt if necessary.
  • Stir everything together for a few minutes, so that everything comes together and all the flavors permeate.


Serve with gnocchi, boiled potatoes, pasta or rice, as you like. Well nice!