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18 days of smoothies

I love smoothies - frequent my meal for breakfast or after 8 workouts. I am happy with the colors in the glass and on the plate :-). The goal is just to be healthy, simple, fast, tasty and colorful. Otherwise, I often make a larger portion of a super drink, part of which I drink, and the rest I store in a glass bottle for work. For each you need a little bit of will, a few minutes of time, some fruits, vegetables and seeds and a blender :-). Although the plan was 14 recipes in two weeks, the obligations were lined up, so there will be 14 recipes, but in a slightly longer period. I expanded the list :-)

Preparation steps

  • I start my 15 day smoothie journey with one simple drink. I usually work in the morning, so it's important for me that the smoothie at least satiates me a bit. Today is an exception, I have a long working afternoon ahead of me, which means that I get lunch, so the most important thing is that the smoothie gives me vitamins.
  • Day 1 - orange day ingredients: 2 cm of ginger a little thicker than an inch half a banana 1 orange 1 carrot about 3 dcl of water (depending on how thick you like) very simply, peel the fruit and cut into smaller pieces and let the blender mix.
  • Day 2 - witch's potion first of all apologies because I didn't write this yesterday (obligations were stronger than will) ingredients (for 1 person): half a banana a handful of frozen berries chokeberry a handful of frozen blueberries in the left glass are added and oatmeal (boyfriend prefers what less ingredients, and I wanted a more saturated juice) water (the amount depends on the density you like)
  • Day 3 - Jaffa Ingredients: 1 orange handful of oatmeal half a scoop of chocolate protein liquid part - a mixture of half milk and half water
  • Day 4 - Orange Ingredients: half a banana half a pomegranate (pomegranate) plain yogurt water Mix and mix everything. Mix longer than usual due to the large number of pomegranate seeds. Finally, strain it. Since consuming pomegranate reduces the risk of several types of cancer, protects against osteoporosis and Alzheimer's disease, strengthens immunity, preserves dental health, destroys e.coli and staphylococci, slows aging, preserves cardiovascular health, improves erectile function, raises quality sperm, and banana prevents the risk of stroke and blood clots, protects the heart, regulates blood sugar (good during PMS to reduce nervousness), can help quit smoking and brings with it many useful ingredients to our body, this drink is safe is good for our health
  • Day 5 - a glass of love ingredients: two small beets 1 orange 1 carrot 1 cm ginger finger thickness
  • Day 6 - sun in a glass Ingredients: 1 apple 1 orange handful of pineapple oatmeal (even better without them but I still put them to make my meal more filling) chia seeds Put all the ingredients in a blender and add water. Good apetite :-)
  • Day 7 - Chocolate Banana Ingredients: 1 banana scoop of chocolate protein a handful of oatmeal Mix the ingredients and add water. For decoration, I sprinkled the smoothie with a bit of nesquik (holidays are :-D)
  • Day 8 - Cinnamon Ingredients: half a banana two handfuls of blueberries a teaspoon of Ceylon cinnamon oatmeal 1 common ducatos Mix the ingredients and add water to the mixture. Mix. Good apetite :-)
  • Day 9 - Yellow Ingredients: 1 orange 1 apple 1 teaspoon turmeric chia seeds Greek yogurt Mix the ingredients and add water (the amount depends on what density of the drink you want.
  • Day 10 - jabanana ingredients: half a banana 1 apple plain yogurt 1 tablespoon honey Mix all the ingredients and add a little water so as not to be too thick. If you like sour yoghurt, you don't need honey (I worked for children, so I sweetened it with honey)
  • Day 11 - vanilla and banana ingredients: a scoop of vanilla protein half a banana oatmeal Mix the ingredients with water and mix.
  • Day 12 - blueberry ingredients: a handful of blueberries half a banana a teaspoon of grated ginger a teaspoon of honey a little yogurt Add water to the ingredients and blend everything well :-)
  • Day 13 - bjangaonda ingredients: oat milk half a banana a few strawberries
  • Day 14 - ginger ingredients: oat milk yogurt 1 small carrot half a banana 1 orange 1 cm ginger diameter 2 cm
  • Day 15 - plum ingredients: oat chia seeds yogurt milk half a banana 5 prunes feel free to add water if you don't like it thick
  • Day 16 - Barbie drink ingredients: oat chia seeds yogurt half a banana half a handful of chokeberry two handfuls of strawberries 1 cm ginger diameter 2 cm long Mix the ingredients with water and turn on the mixer :-)
  • Day 17 - apricot ingredients: oatmeal 3 apricots 3 less dried figs milk and water 1: 1 half a banana
  • Day 18 - knm ingredients: oatmeal 1 kiwano 1 orange 1 carrot yogurt a spoonful of honey