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1002 Peaches

1002 because I guess there are so many of them on coolki but at the request of my friends from Facebook to describe the production in detail, I am publishing this recipe. My dear ones, here is a recipe for an apron around your waist and a cook in your hands and let's go ....

1002 Peaches

Preparation steps

  • Sift the flour
  • Mix all the ingredients, finally add the flour and powder dissolved in cold milk
  • Take out the dough that you will make immediately and leave the rest outside in the refrigerator. before making, I knead the dough once more with a little flour and cut it into shapes
  • regardless of the amount of flour in the recipe, you will have to assess the hardness yourself, so always make a couple of test ones and put them in the oven if they spill a lot, add more flour and mix them by hand, nothing will bother them
  • Arrange the balls on a paper-lined baking sheet sprinkled with a little water, preheat the oven to 180.
  • Now reduce the oven to 150 -160, there must be no higher fire because your peaches will crack, if this happens to the first pan, be sure to reduce the second
  • Peaches must not turn yellow on the top, they must look like this on the bottom, then take them out immediately
  • When the peaches have cooled, dig them out and leave the crumbs to prepare the filling
  • FILLING: Mix all the ingredients for the filling, combine it with warmed milk to make it creamy, not too dry and fill with peaches. I didn't add the whole dose of chocolate because I like a lighter filling. Melt the butter and then add it to the filling.
  • MAKING DECORATION: dissolve red and yellow powder in milk Do not overdo it with peach color should look as natural as possible
  • Dip the whole peaches in the yellow in the middle where they join
  • then in red
  • now place them on a paper towel to dry
  • Only now roll them whole in sugar, make it finer and not too large
  • Peaches can be eaten for a long time and you can also freeze them


I intentionally described the staining process in detail because if you accidentally crack it, this way you will cover and it will not be visible


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