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1001 ticket / magic morning

Lots of cream and very fine puff pastry ...

Preparation steps

  • Watch the video recipe here:
  • * PEARS: Bake 5 puff pastry crusts (Bought already rolled out in Lidl, each crust is 275 g). Before baking, prick them with a fork or toothpick and bake in a preheated oven, at 200 degrees, until golden brown. Allow to cool well. * CREAM: PART 1: 800 mL of milk, 200 g of sugar and 4 vanilla sugars are heated to boiling. Boil in it: -200 mL of milk-8 egg yolks-135 g of flour -Cooked cream should be thick and compact.-Let it cool well. PART 2: Using a mixer, make 500mL of sweet cream. PART 3: Make 8 egg whites in solid snow. * Mix the cooled cooked cream and sweet cream with a mixer. Add the egg whites and whisk it with a whisk or a blender (not a mixer). * Divide the cream into 2 parts; leave one part yellow, and in the other add 2-3 tablespoons of cocoa (or chocolate powder) - it is very tasty with both. WE FILL: PEEL - 1/2 YELLOW CREAM - PEEL - 1/2 BROWN CREAM - PEEL - PART 2 YELLOW CREAM - PEEL - PART 2 BROWN CREAM - PEEL And that's it! The cake can be eaten immediately, but it is best to leave it for a few hours so that the puff pastry absorbs a little cream and is not tough.



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