Rosa Cooking

100 po100 Integral tortillas :)

Pleasure - HELLOO !! Remorse - BY BY :)))

Preparation steps

  • Mix all the ingredients except the boiling water which we will gradually add. Mix el. with a mixer or cooker while the mixture is hot, when it cools down knead with your hands for ten minutes until the dough becomes more elastic. It should not be too hard, add more water if necessary (this depends on the flour you use!).
  • Leave the dough to rest for 20-30 minutes, covered with a cloth. Roll out a tortilla or some other shape from a piece of dough with a rolling pin and place it in the oven on a heated pan, without adding fat, for a few seconds on one side and a few on the other. If overcooked they will not be elastic enough. Baked tortillas stacked on top of each other.
  • I make a lot of them so I freeze them and take them out as needed, they are perfect as freshly made.
  • In this stuffing is a little fried chicken, drizzled with cooking cream and mixed with boiled chard and a mixture of different vegetables. Bake in the oven at 200 degrees for 5-6 min.


You can put a classic pizza filling or a veggie pizza on the tortilla and bake it. It’s great, it’s done quickly and there’s no one who doesn’t like it! :)



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