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10 for 7

.... says one portal, melt the fat, in 7 days you will weigh -10kg .... I'm not naive, but after reading the menu suggestions, I decided to give it a try, I have experience with food separation anyway and I know that my body tolerates it well. .... and my goal is -3kg so here it is ... this "recipe" is a so-called diary for 7 days of the child they are promoting .... We are responsible for every reduction and condition of the body, listen to your body and do what At what point does it suit you ... of course, some things are worth a little effort :) AND THE MOST IMPORTANT THING: every day you spend more kcal than you take in, and success is guaranteed :)

Preparation steps

  • DAY 1. I brought 2 sliced ​​apples and a handful of strawberries to work (I work from 9 am to 5 pm), I think that's enough for me because I often don't even eat while I'm at work, I divided the amount into 4 parts and ate a little at 10 , 12.14 and 16h. At home I still ate a pear, a handful of almonds and some strawberries. The day went great, there are still delicious chocolate muffins at home that I baked yesterday, and in double measure .... it still smells today, but not so much that I would eat them :) Day No.1 was done successfully.
  • DAY 2. Although the day started rainy, my will is great because the scales showed a nice loss (for many years I have been in the habit of weighing both in the evening and in the morning-so I control myself) .. given yesterday's weighing today I am short of - 1.7 kg ... I don't know what to attribute it to, but the body has cleared itself a bit of carbohydrates, and otherwise I don't have the habit of eating many times a little more than 1-2 times, but honestly, so I believe that it also contributes ... Himalayan salt, cayenne pepper, olive oil and apple cider vinegar), and home-made vegetable soup.
  • DAY 3 I literally understood this: a combination of vegetables and fruits, hahha today at work red cabbage with apple on salad, normally spiced (salt, pepper, olive and vinegar) great combination, I really liked such a salad. After work only fruit, and late at night a handful of almonds because I was caught by an attack of hunger.grrr ... Today I easily feel the load of a special diet, although full and satisfied because I am lighter today (this morning the scales showed an overall loss of -2.1kg). Successfully done today, I'm looking forward to tomorrow.
  • DAY no. 4 Today I cheat a little ... instead of bananas and milk, I chose yogurt, otherwise I consume a lot of dairy products and somehow I miss them, even more than the sugar I put in every day, so today is my protein day, I drink every 2 hours a cup of yogurt (of course this morning the scales were prone to me and I have a total loss of -3kg although I was skeptical I succeeded, yeee). I achieved my goal, I am satisfied with the result but persistence pays off, I go on all 7 days because I feel great.
  • DAY No. 5. my cheating yesterday cost me, this morning the scales showed the same weight as yesterday, but it doesn't matter, I feel light and fluttery ... Today I eat lettuce with sardines in tomato sauce at work, and at home tuna with lettuce . I feel great but really, I'm not hungry nor do I have the desire with everything I cook at home ... (yes, even though I'm on a diet my housemates aren't ...)
  • DAY no. It's Saturday, and I'm still working today ... before work I quickly went to Dolac (market) for 5 kg of strawberries ... tonight I plan to make jam :) I feel great, I think to myself why I don't need everything I eat. ..I believe I guessed a great time to be on a diet .... after m.cycle, fertile days are, so I feel beautiful and great in myself ... and if I was in PMS it would be a different story, hahahha Na I brought a tuna salad to work (yes, I know I'm cheating and I don't eat fish today, but I have a little tuna left from last night so I don't throw it away :)), normally spiced, and we grill at home today, yeee
  • DAY no.7 is Sunday, the last day I eat plain rice with a lot of vegetables from the wok, it's my lunch and dinner, and I eat fruit all day. I still feel great, full and happy :) Here it is Monday morning ... I worked all 7 days, more or less according to the rules and the total result is -4.2kg, not much compared to what the portal advertised as safe, but I I am definitely happy because it was successful, I did my best.


The portal where I found the diet did not list the amounts to be eaten, I guess they are unlimited but don’t overdo it, I ate as much as I thought my body needed.



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