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A cake that doesn't bake

This cake and kids can make is so simple

A cake that doesn't bake

Preparation steps

  • Whisk 25 dkg butter with 25 dkg powdered sugar, then add 8 egg yolks and 20 dkg melted cooking chocolate
  • Separately whisk 8 egg whites into a solid batter and add to the above mixture. Stir everything together a little more until the mixture is combined
  • Make approximately coffee for 5 people, a little thinner in which to dip the biscuits (not too long to soak too much)
  • Arrange the soaked biscuits on a long plate or tray (maybe square) and coat with the filling, then put the row of biscuits again, then the filling and so on until everything is used up.
  • If desired, icing can be added on top
  • Keep in the refrigerator to combine (to allow the biscuits to absorb the filling).
  • And when it starts to serve put it back in the fridge
  • If you want a smaller cake, you can reduce the amount, and you can also whip 2 puddings instead of eggs. In any case, you can combine, change the filling. I sometimes make crepes the same way. The point is that the cake is not baked and that the biscuits replace the dough


Delicious and simple cake, can be served with an aperitif, coffee or tea.