Rosa Cooking

A cake of happiness

I made a cake for the birthday of a beautiful girl ... my friend's daughter ... there was no end to the enthusiasm ... how good she was was shown to me by cheerful looks and searches ... and even the older ones did not hesitate to praise the taste ... and how fast it is made ...

A cake of happiness

Preparation steps

  • Mix the plasma and bananas and divide into two parts.
  • In the first part, put khani pudding with 3 tablespoons of sugar, in half a liter of milk and add half of the made butter and chopped banana cream. Make a crust.
  • In the second part, put the cooked chocolate pudding with 3 tablespoons of sugar in half a liter of milk and half of the made butter. Add the chopped chocolate. Put over the first crust.
  • Top and around whipped cream. Decorate as desired.


the right cake the kids love.joice