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100% oatmeal

I spent days looking for a recipe for pure oatmeal, and I have to admit I found a recipe but it said it was harder to work with since of course there is no gluten, so I decided to fix that by adding psyllium flakes used for things like this and it worked, first league to work with ... ideal for those who want a healthy diet!

100% oatmeal

Preparation steps

  • Mix flour with salt and psyllium powder (meaning not flakes but powder). Add the beaten egg, olive oil and water little by little as needed to mix nicely in my case like a roller. The kneaded dough is fine and elastic, it does not stick and then it should be wrapped in transparent foil and left to rest for about 1 hour. I cut my roller into 4 pieces and developed quite thinly, I used plain flour for sprinkling, but whoever is on a gluten-free diet can also use oatmeal for sprinkling. I cut small thin strips and spread them to dry ... It is cooked like ordinary pasta, considering that it is a flour that can be eaten raw ...


I think I will try to make grinders, tortillas and even lasagna with this recipe, if someone tries it before me let them make sure to comment so I know how it turned out.